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Shamanic Energy Clearing

Is it Time for a Shamanic Energy Clearing?

Shamanic energy clearing is the practice of connecting to the spiritual and earth's natural realm to help heal a person from deep within by removing negative energy and increasing positive energy. Many people do not understand how the human body is connected to the energy all around, experts do not fully understand how it works, but they know enough to help. We are all made of energy acting on different wavelengths. To heal fully instead of simply masking issues will take deep connections that address the energy and life force that is in us all.

Spiritual and distance healing is available to patients who are done being unhappy and unhealthy and who want to branch out and try something outside the realm of modern medicine. Many combine spiritual and distance healing with check-ups from their MD for full comprehensive health care that addresses the body and mind alike. Step into the future with roots in the past for health and vitality that respects the natural body and spirit.

Dr. Alberto Villoldo stated that there is a vital difference in curing and healing. “Curing is the business of doctors, and healing is the business of shaman.” Curing eliminates symptoms while healing addresses the cause of the symptoms. Often a cure is temporary and healing is permanent. Dr. Patty Barber is a skilled Shamanic healer who can help you heal from past traumas that are affecting you both emotionally and physically. You may see and feel results after a single session, and improved results as each session progresses.

Spiritual and distant healing is possible and you have the ability to feel so much better than you do today with the help of skilled Shamanic help. Learn more with a phone call, set up your first appointment and grow to the person you always knew you could be. Many report a renewed feeling of purpose in their life and increased vitality after connecting with the other realm through a shaman. Do not let your past hold you back a moment more, open your mind, your heart and your chakras to start on the path to wellness today.

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