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Chakra Clearing

Frequently Asked Questions About Chakra Clearing and Intuitive Guidance

  • What exactly is intuitive guidance? It is a form of therapy that is cooperative between the client and the intuitive. The process is relaxing and mind-opening, it may help clear up things in your life concerning certain choices you have been on the fence about. It should be an empowering process.

  • What are chakras? Chakras are locations on the body that the energy of the body can flow through. You cannot physically feel them, but they can physically affect health when they are blocked. There are seven major and twenty-one minor chakras.

  • What is chakra clearing? Chakra clearing refers to a session with a shaman that teaches a client to remove blocked chakras and increase the positive energy in these known locations throughout the body. The sessions do not take long, you can use skills learned during your session to help you daily, and people report feeling lighter and freer after their chakras are cleared.

  • Who needs chakra clearing? Any person can benefit from a chakra clearing if they have never had a chakra appointment in the past. Many people choose to partake in chakra clearing as they are faced with changes in their life or when they start to feel wrong on a spiritual or physical level.

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