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The Latest Health Solution that is Centuries Old

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Classical Homeopathy:

This is a powerful energetic system of medicine that is over 200 years old. Homeopathics remedies are diluted many times leaving only the energetic blueprint of the remedy. I utilize these substances to stimulate your inherent self-healing abilities and to strengthen your immune system. These homeopathic remedies function on both the physical and emotional levels to enhance your vital force. The body is able to choose the potency it needs and discard the other potency within the remedy. This is one of the major advantages of energetic medicine and a reason that I frequently use homeopathics within my practice. The body can select the best frequency/potency at that moment in time and ignore the other frequencies, without any confusion.

The British Royal family, especially the queen of England, believes in the power of homeopathy. Queen Elizabeth II prefers homeopathy, herbs and other natural healers as opposed to pharmaceuticals .The use of homeopathy with the royal family actually goes back 150 years to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

There has been an official homeopathic physician treating the royal family since the 1930's.

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