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Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

A Licensed Naturopathic Doctor May Provide a Solution to Your Chronic Fatigue.

Have you been feeling out of sorts? Like you just do not have enough energy? Are you dealing with sudden pain that you can't identify the cause of? Has your family doctor tried to help but you still don't feel like you? A licensed naturopathic doctor may be the solution to your physical and mental complaints.

What is a naturopathic doctor? A naturopathic doctor is a person who has attended four years of school past graduate levels to learn all about medicine and the human body system. He/she is trained much like your general practitioner when it comes to understanding anatomy and the science of healing. The difference is that a ND will focus on the body as a whole (this is called a holistic approach) and they will want to solve underlying issues that may be causing your symptoms to arise. Many people visit a ND in conjunction with their MD, and some turn to a naturopathic doctor after their primary care physician has discovered that their symptoms are not changing no matter what course of medicine is used.

A holistic medicine doctor focuses on the body as a whole system. If you are complaining about issues in one area a holistic medicine doctor will likely start with that area but question, research, discuss and address the whole body. The idea of masking symptoms with painkillers would be in opposition to actually address those signals the body is sending and solving the issue so you do not need to continuously mask the pain, the pain is gone.

If you have had chronic issues and are not improving it may be time to rethink your healthcare. Schedule a visit with a doctor who is going to take extra time to get to know you, who is going to try to help you not only heal but become a person who is full of vitality and health.

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