Benefits of Joining PMA’s Health Network

Lifelong Health and Well-Being

Pastoral Medical Association serves as a gathering place where individuals and their families can take advantage of health-supporting resources and connect with spiritually oriented health, wellness and counseling professionals who share our passion for ending chronic illness and promoting lifelong health and well-being through natural safer means.

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The PMA Works for You

Promoting Health & Well-Being. The PMA serves individuals and families who are seeking natural solutions for regaining their health and maintaining vital health and well-being in all aspects of their lives.

  • Supporting Healthcare Practitioners. To these ends, as a private ecclesiastical healthcare organization, the PMA attracts qualified healthcare practitioners offering natural solutions for restoring optimal health. They review practitioner education and background and provide ecclesiastical licenses to practice Pastoral Science and Medicine.

  • Providing Resources. They also research and provide leading-edge natural and science-based clinical protocols, and health-related products and programs that align with their mission; and

  • Building Community. The PMA then brings these health professionals and resources to you through this online portal for everyone’s benefit.

Too many families today are being unnecessarily devastated by chronic illness. We are committed to reversing this trend, for the benefit of our own families and for yours.

Modern medicine is simply not equipped to end the epidemic of chronic illness. It is abundantly clear that conventional allopathic medicine is not the answer to the problem. If anything, widespread use of prescription drugs is making things worse. Despite the hundreds of billions of dollars Americans spend on medications every year, chronic illness and autoimmune disease are on the rise.

The solution lies in creating a grass-roots movement with a single-pointed focus and goal of achieving widespread health and well-being by promoting smart lifestyle choices and use of natural means for restoring and sustaining vibrant health.

Through collaborative efforts, the PMA is bringing together devoted healthcare professionals with the best knowledge, skills, resources, and tools to provide educational and clinical programs that address the root causes of chronic illness.

They also affiliate with independent companies offering proven clinical protocols and state-of-the-art technology to address chronic illness and to help PMA practitioners serve more clients and succeed in their practices. Learn about PMA Affiliates.

Together, we’re empowering individuals, families, and communities to take responsibility for regaining their health and to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors that foster vitality and enjoyment of long, active and productive lives.